Create Your Own Dress

Create Your Own Dress We provide online custom design service for people who look for unique Collection. We love working with Mammas to help them create the perfect custom dresses! Order all matching dresses and GO CREATIVE.

Create Your Design/Customise our Existing design


Got inspired from our website or internet such as Google, Instagram, Pinterest, etc?Submit customisation inquiry on Rainbowbird Website/Email( with your dress photos and your detailed demands.

 Connect & Communicate


Connect with our designer  and communicate details of your dress design, such as Your design/Customise our existing collection, Fabrics, Colors, Size, Embellishments, etc..  


After getting your payment, our team will start the production process.   

Dream come True Dress!!

Depending on the complexity of design and Fabric availability, the timeframe will vary from 3 weeks to 6 weeks. Your Custom designed dress will be dispatched as per committed date.Therefore, you are highly recommended customise your dress at least 1 month before your requirement date.